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This advertisement depicts well-known athlete Susan Hamilton running in Nike shoes. The advertisement drew inspiration from the movie; Texas-chain-saw-massacre in which a murderer attacks his victims with chain saws. The Nike advert depicts Hamilton escaping from her assailant who is outrun by the athlete. He eventually collapses and opts to let her go. Nike finally gives a last tag in the advertisement by asserting that Nike shoes help users to live longer.

The Nike Company is managed by Marc Peter as the president and the Chief Executive Officer CEO. Nike Company excels as a team where th Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 Femme pas cher e management has a strong teamwork which has assisted the company in competing very stiffly in the global market. Philip Knight is the chairman of the board of directors, Charlie Denson as the president of the Nike Brand. Other directors in this company include; Jim Allaker as the President and CEO Umbro Ltd., Mark Allen as the vice president of the Global Footwear Productv Creation and Operations, Kris Aman as the vice president Global Category Athletic Training, Tom Arndorfer as the vice president of Business Development in Nike Brand, and Davi Adidas Zx Flux Femme pas cher d Ayre as the vice president Global human resources among others.